Natalie Linnea is an intuitive brand and web designer based in Nuremberg, Germany but making magic for clients worldwide. 


Natalie Linnea is an intuitive brand and web designer based in Nuremberg, Germany but making magic for clients worldwide. 



+creative lightworkers*

for conscious

* (n) transmuter of darkness into light. those committed to their soul's higher purpose to raise consciousness

that stands out

branding & web design 

Sup bb! Let's not sugar coat this shit, k? Biz owning is overwhelming AF. One of the most challenging aspects to navigate alone is figuring out who da fuq you actually are and how to position yourself in a sea of done-before brands in your industry, THEN translating that ~vibe~ successfully into your aesthetics. Which is where I come in. My specialty is reeling out the parts that make you undeniably YOU according to your human design and amping up the volume on them. 

Lookin' around and see everyone doing the same tired and trendy sh*t? Big same. That's why our work together taps into the frequency of your wildest dreams and captures it in a soul-centered, strategic brand. When we build a brand that connects to your heart, purpose and most aligned self, you can bet there won't be another one even remotely like it.

human design

an intuitive approach

let's swap your day job
for your                          

quit your day job

not your daydream 



Soul meets strategy

My process merges my intuition with yours. Get out of your head and into your body by using your human design to lead the way.

Energetic & aesthetic

Sure, we will build a bomb-ass visual brand identity, but fusing in your energy will be the thing to magnetize your aligned clients.

confusion to clarity

Let's get clear on who you truly are, and what makes you unique, what your juiciest purpose is, and who you are lit up to serve.





Direction: Dharma

Dreams are fun but let's create an actionable plan that lets you know exactly where you're headed and how to get there.

babe, let's give your biz a major glow-up

I'm not your average  designer

if you couldn't tell already,

Did the naked bubble bath pics give it away? Here's the thing- I've always had a deep knowing that I'm here to shake sh*t up, to break the mold, to pave a new path.  After my spiritual awakening during my Saturn return in a global pandemic (thx, universe???), however, it became undeniable that I'm here to help others do the exact same. 

That's when I took the leap and turned my side hustle to my full-time day dream and never looked back. Now, I spend my days building high-vibe brands for visionary women who are ready to stand up, stand out & make big, bold impact while aligning with their human design.  I've always lived my life by the words "I'd rather die saying 'oh well' than 'what if'.'"

That's why my mission is to help fellow conscious entrepreneurs turn their 'what ifs' into quite literal dreams-come-true while re-connecting them to their inner knowing. Because when we are truly awakened to who we truly are instead of who the world conditioned us to be, THAT is when we can build a never-been-done-before brand.

I don't mean to          but...


"Natalie knows what she's doing, but she also knows what YOU'RE doing. She'll combine her intuition with yours and turn it into the brand of your dreams."

- Janna, drishti photo

- Being Brandi

"After working with Natalie, I was more in-tune with myself in a way I hadn't been asked or held accountable for yet."

- Bridget mary weddings

"Natalie's energy and kindness is shown through her work! It was so easy to work with her and I truly couldn't be happier"

- nicole, wellness with ms . wolf

"There were points where I wasn't able to fully articulate what I wanted and Natalie intuitively knew and gave me something better than I could have ever imagined."

- Linda pfalzer yoga

"Natalie is a GENIUS. She captures the essence of her clients and brings it to "paper." She follows her intuitions and encourages her clients to do the same"

- breanna grace

"Natalie takes the time to get to know who you are as a person in order for your brand to be authentic and unique to you. She makes sure no other brand looks or sounds the same."

- sasha, evolved energetics

"Natalie's guidance with my brand has been a game changer. She gave me the courage to stand firm in who I am to create something that was a reflection of my unique power."

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